Success Stories

‘Crucial Component of Any Good Online Media Plan’

The importance of online media in the retail industry is undeniable, and a cohesive blog is a crucial component of any good online media plan. But for most retailers, developing and maintaining a branded, creative, and engaging daily blog is a difficult and time consuming task.

Fortunately for retail jewelers, Howard Cohen has streamlined the process with the launch of The Jeweler Blog. For a very reasonable $69 per month, Howard does an incredible job of creating unique and interesting posts on a daily basis. He sends a very concise email each day, outlining the day’s post and providing clear instructions on how to integrate the post with Facebook and Twitter.

The blog has been great for our business as it generates fresh, daily buzz around the store and sparks valuable conversation between sales associates and customers. Additionally, it helps to build our store’s web presence and drives traffic to and from our website.

If you’re looking to start a blog or if you already have a blog and can’t find the time to maintain it, give Howard a try. It’s a small monthly investment that I think you will find to be well worth it.

Louis A Guarino III, Creative Director
Louis Anthony Jewelers, Pittsburgh

 ‘The Content Keeps Our Fans Coming Back and Posting Comments’

We love The Jeweler Blog because it gives us something interesting to say on Facebook and Twitter every day without any effort on our part. We have enough to do!

The content keeps our fans coming back and posting comments. The articles are well written. The page is customized to fit our look and we enjoy exclusivity within our market.

The program augments our existing social media marketing at an incredibly affordable price. We would enthusiastically recommend signing up for the The Jewelers Blog.

George Fritz, owner
Mills Jewelers, Lockport, NY

 ‘One of the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tools Available’

I’ve seen a marked increase in traffic and sales at my webstores since signing on as a client. The Jeweler Blog’s content-rich articles help make my blog page, my Facebook page and my Tweets all points of interest to existing and potential customers alike.

And the opportunity to use the blog to create a presence on other high-traffic sites is virtually unlimited. In addition to promoting my products online, I can bring value-added information to my target market – setting me apart from most of my competitors.

The key to success with any online business today is cross marketing with social media. In less than five minutes of my time and for just a couple dollars per day, I can reach out to customers worldwide with fun and interesting information related to my trade.

This service is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available to me as an independent business owner, and I highly recommend it.

Jennifer Racette, Designing Jeweler – Metalsmith – Owner
Alison Julien Collection, Corpus Christi, TX