No Time for Social Media? No Problem!

Every weekday, enhance your relationship with your audience
with a fascinating story about jewelry posted to your blog,
Facebook and Twitter—for only $69/month.

Dear Jeweler,

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to The Jeweler Blog, published by HSC Communications. We make it easy and affordable for you to connect with customers daily via social media.

Content Is King

We’re passionate about the jewelry business and we’re passionate about our publishing craft. We constantly seek out unusual stories, superb images and fun videos to make The Jeweler Blog a valuable addition to your social media mix. We publish 5 days each week, Monday through Friday. We ghost-write daily items in your voice and you get to take credit as the author of the blog. You are featured on your blog templates with a head shot and profile of you and your store. See for your yourself.

We keep it fun and interesting

Consumers don’t want to be bombarded by sales messages—it’s most effective to connect with customers on a friendly, informal basis by sharing your love of the jewelry business by providing a constant stream of interesting, informative, startling and fun information that your customer wouldn’t normally find through regular media channels.

Our goal is to have every post generate a “Wow!,”  “I didn’t know that!” or “That’s really neat!”

We even post music videos related to jewelry, gemstones or precious metals every Friday. The strategy is to welcome the weekend with a song that will evoke fond memories and allow the customers to sing along.

By sharing information, and not a sales message, you can position yourself as a credible blogger and industry expert. Customers show their appreciation by LIKING your blog, LIKING your store’s Facebook page, and participating in the conversation by commenting on posts and sharing them with their own network of friends—getting you more exposure and more potential customers!

The Jeweler Blog supports Facebook and Twitter

Each day, we will provide you with a recommended Facebook teaser, Twitter Tweet and teaser image. You can then simply cut and paste these items into your Facebook Store page and Twitter feed. Followers can’t help but be impressed with the quality and volume of the material posted.

Attract a younger audience

Traditional jewelers have been challenged by the New Media. Old methods of advertising and marketing need to be re-evaluated. By communicating via blogs, Facebook and Twitter, you have a chance to connect with a younger clientele. And, of course, this younger clientele has the potential to become future bridal customers and life-long devotees.

Our credentials

At HSC Communications, headed by Howard Cohen, we have more than 30 years of experience writing and editing for the jewelry industry, as former National Jeweler editors, publishers of quarterly newsletter projects, website developers and social media consultants.


The Jeweler Blog was conceived as a response to jewelers who said they were challenged by the task of keeping up with their social media. To date, we’ve posted more than 1600 articles, about 22 per month. Our client base includes about 120 independent jewelers from U.S. and Canada.


As a participating jeweler, you will have a 10-mile exclusive zone around your store. This will protect your trading area and lock out your competitors.

We make it affordable and no risk

Marketing companies typically charge from $300 per month or more to handle a jeweler’s basic social media strategy and blogging. We’ve found that the frequency and quality of their posts is sometimes lacking, as if the newest/youngest member of the marketing firm was assigned to the task despite their lack of experience, perspective and passion for this business.

At only $69/month, The Jeweler Blog is affordable to every independent jeweler. We ask for no long-term contracts. The blog is billed monthly. For an additional $20/month, we will handle your daily postings of Facebook and Twitter teasers.

Samples of our customers blogs:

If you would like to discuss how we can take care of your social media needs, please contact Howard Cohen at your convenience. He can be reached at 631-821-8867.

HSC Communications